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Sunday, 5 June 2016

3-Day Workshop on Digital Marketing (Get certified by Google ) on 17-19 JUNE 2016

                              BECOME A DIGITAL MARKETING PROFESSIONAL 

                                    Make money online easily from Youtube,website etc.
                                               BECOME AN ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR

                       WORKSHOP REGISTRATION FEES-6000 INR inclusive of lunch etc

Do you think learning digital marketing is a good idea?

 If yes you are 100% correct because of the following reasons

 1)No age limit, any one can earn learn with little efforts and can make money easily
 2)You can work as freelancer for companies across the globe
 3)Increases your mental ability skills
 4)Get employed in startup companies to MNC
 5) You can promote your business /idea easily to the world Digital Marketing:

 What is digital Marketing?

    How is it different from traditional Marketing ?
 • ROI between Digital and traditional Marketing?
 • Discussion on new trends and current scenario of the world?
 • Digital marketing a boon or a Bane ? 
 • How can digital marketing be a tool of success for companies? 
 • Video on importance of digital marketing  • Analysis of recent info graphics released by companies   about digital marketing?
 • How did digital marketing help the small companies and top inc
 Uses of digital marketing 

  How to make website/blog?

• What is a website ?
• Types of websites?
• Layout of websites
• Website registration

Module 1: Search Engine Optimization

 • Introduction to search engine
 • how search engine works ?
 • keyword analysis
 • on page optimization techniques
 • off page Optimization techniques
 • Reports

Module 2:

 • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
• Tools used for Search engine Marketing
• PPC /Google Adwords Tool,BING Tools
• Display advertising techniques

Module 3: 

Social Media Optimization/Marketing

 • Introduction to social Media Marketing 
 • Advanced Facebook Marketing
 • WordPress blog creation • Twitter marketing
 • Linkedin Marketing
 • Google plus marketing
 • Pin Interest
 • Social Media Analytical Tools


How to make money online /(to become an entrepreneur)  

Money making tips from blog,website Earn money from Youtube channel Other genuine concepts of making money online with proven live results 


Earn money just by listening recordings in your free time upto 3000 INR per week

Final day Module:


 • E-Mail Marketing

 • Affiliate Marketing 

 How to get genuine projects online and earn lakhs at home.

       REGISTRATION-6000 INR inclusive of lunch

       DATES-17-19 JUNE 2016 



                      Well experienced Digital marketing professionals 


 The above topics will be covered best of our knowledge and we do train to get you certified by google

we have all the rights to make changes in the topics and schedule listed above
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