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Monday, 30 November 2015

Best Exam Tips for scoring more than expected in your exams

Follow this 9 Study tips to crack all your B.Tech sem exams

Are you scared of exams? Don't you have time for your semester preparation? The time has gone for enjoyment during classes, leisure hours and you have reached the end i.e SEMESTER EXAMS. Don't worry follow the simple tips and watch the below video.Preparing all the chapters in the textbook is never important in an examination.You will succeed when you implement some study strategies in your preparation.

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Break your Time:

Don't sit for a long time and study.Give some intervals so that your brain can recognize what you are reading.Follow the tip you will understand.

Don't underline in Textbook:

You may have a habit of underlining important points in your textbook.But this has been proven wrong by scientists research.As, you are concentrating only on important information leaving behind the less important information.


Yeah, you will learn a lot when you teach others than understanding what others say.If you teach your friends you will not forget even during the exam.Because your brain organizes the content well during an explanation.


I know it is hard to practice each and everything on paper.But, you practice as much as you can.It is believed that learning by writing is more powerful than reading.As you pay more attention on the topic while writing than reading.


Revising before the exam is more important.Many of us skip revisions as we feel confident or due to lack of time, but you will know the pain when you fail to recollect you answer.

No important questions:

Are you a guy who come in this category? Never depend on the previously asked questions or important questions.This is the main reason why students fail in semesters.Try to read whole chapter(all concepts).Come out of this misconception and boost your confidence.

Do you feel that I left any tips that you follow are important?Then don't hesitate to share with us.Comment below.Your friends will learn..

Coming soon: Another article on Exam Preparation Tips.Stay organized.
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