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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Change Android smart phone screen lock every minute

Best Android Phone Screen lock Apps with high security 2015

Securing your phone from others is very important.You do not want your phone to be viewd by your friends sometimes.Then this android application would be the best choice.Now your password cannot be guessed by anyone. This Android application for screen lock amazes everyone with its unique feature which changes the password every minute. Have you tried all screen locks app but this looks so great as it has the ability to change your password every minute all the day. Nobody would guess the password now. If you fail to unlock in five chances password will be sent to your registered mobile number during the installation .So now worries if you fail to remember.
best screen locker for android mobiles

How does the Smart Phone Lock App works?:

Yeah,This is everyones question.How could the password be changed for every minute
60 Unique Passwords for every Hour!
Do you know? The time on your screen is the password :-)
If the time 16:43 then passoword will be 
Default password:1643
Option1)Reverse password:then 3461(reverse of time 16:43)
Option2)Offset modifier:you can choose any random number 0 to 60
If you choose +4 then password will be 1643+4=  1647
If you choose -4 then password will be 1643+4=  1639
And many more features you can add with this Smart screen lock application
One of the favorite  Android phone locker
However default password and hiding the app icon in the menu of your smart phone are some more exciting features

Download Free  Download from Playstore

Bonus Tip:Similar app like Smart Phone Lock is Screen Lock - Time Password -Download

Do you know any other Smart phone Screen lockers which serves best like Smart Phone lock –lock Screen please tell us in the comments section.

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